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Phone:  617.923.8135
E-mail:  info@pathways117.com

Licensed psychologist / Insurance accepted.
At Pathways, Dr. Rosene offers Integrative Psychotherapy, a special blend of traditional and holistic approaches and methods, which is ideally suited to athletes, yoga students, dancers and musicians in addition to individuals not included in these subgroups.

Eating disorders / Recovery and family support.
Separation and divorce / Parenting issues and resources.
Cancer and chronic illness / Managing treatment and survivor issues.
Trauma and sexual abuse / Recovery and resources.
Eldercare / Meeting personal, social, and medical needs.
The dying and the bereaved / Guidance through transition.
Accelerates change and healing.
Conserves client resources and time.
Develops awareness of mind/body connection.
Helps reduce medication needs.
Addresses anxiety, depression, and addictive patterns.
Incorporates energetic/bodywork techniques and exercises.
Integrative Psychotherapy, with its emphasis on the mind/body connection,  positively affects other client populations. Based upon clinical training, work as a hospice volunteer, and personal experiences, Dr. Rosene also specializes in: