Individual, couples, and  family therapy
Focused support groups
Staff training and development
Educational workshops
In addition, Dr. Rosene offers ARC (Accelerated Renewal and Connection), a 12-hour program based on the work of James Barnett, which strengthens personality integration, helps resolve past issues of grief and loss, and releases issues/energy stored in the body through gentle acupressure and guided breathing.

I welcome any questions and offer
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to explore whether my approach will suit
your unique needs.
Deborah K. Rosene, Ph.D.
Integrative Psychotherapy particularly helps individuals who are stuck in non-productive relationships and behavioral patterns and allows them to identify and release the emotional, physical and energetic blocks which prevent them from moving forward with their lives.  Once released, individuals are free to reprocess issues and discover new opportunities for personal and professional growth.  This blend of traditional psychoanalytic and cognitive-behavioral techniques together with holistic approaches has many benefits.
    Better focus and concentration
    Clearer decision-making
    More defined personal goals
    Greater creativity
    More energy
    Enhance relaxation
    Improved stress management
    Greater connection to feelings
    Less resistance to change
    More positive outlook
    Deeper sense of well-being
    Improved relationships